Friday was hard work, but I managed to solve the problem before we needed to leave the office.

In the evening we ate… somewhere- I forget then we went to JD’s Bait shop. This is actually a bar. Danny and Andy drink far more than I do, so we got through quite a few pitchers of Coors light, before being chucked out at 2am feigning ignorance of places which have to shut by law.

Saturday got up at 9 to tell the cleaner to push off and come back later (she did to her credit). We met up at 11am, then drove out to Rocky Mountain park. Got up to 12,500 ft where the air was quite thin and the scenery quite beautiful. When we got back, we decided to collapse and then meet up at 9 to eat. Most of the chain restaurants in Denver close early, even on a Saturday!!!

Sunday we drove down to Colorado Spring, then visited pikes peak, an even more expensive national park Pikes Peak is a plateau (or at least it is now) at 14,000 with a car park, café and gift shop on it. The road to it has NO crash barriers. At the top we bumped into a BSA Transatlantic Council troop (Trans: American Scouts in Western Europe). They were over here from Belgium to visit Philmont.

After that we drove on to Royal Gorge to see the bridge, only to discover the Bridge was in an amusement park, and we would have to pay to get in. So we didn’t. You have to pay to see most of America’s natural attractions. We vastly underestimated the scale of the map, and it was 7:30pm by the time we returned to the Hotel.

Pizza hut was shut- at 8:30!!! So it was off the the Grand Slam sports bar for a meal and a beer.

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