"Like Boy Scouts Collecting Badges."

It’s interesting to note that in the furore over Eton College‘s headmaster comments comparing GCSE’s to “Boy scouts collecting badges” that the biggest protests are coming from members of the Scout Association complaining (a) that Scout Badges are given to a set syllabus, (b) represent effort and achievement (at the very least involvement) and (c) there ceased to be Boy Scouts since well before the Scout Association started accepting girls.

Seeing this glaring gap in Mr Little’s general knowledge prompted me to do a little research. Unlike some other prestigious schools, Eton appears to have no Scout Group attached to it. Maybe he’s missing a trick, I certainly feel Scouting and Guiding could add an extra dimension to these places that isn’t represented by the cadet corps. But given his apparent dismissal of the entire Scout programme, I think 1st Eton (Eton College) Scout Group is not going to be entered on Scouts Reunited any time soon.


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