I really should have gone home by now

I’ve not done any work for half an hour, and I have to pack because I’m going to London tomorrow. I’m hoping to be organised enough to leave work at 4:30pm and drive to “the Tav” to meet some old friends from my days in Cambridge who I still correspond with. On Friday I plan to assist activity over in Brent East before joining various friends from the IST of the last world Jamboree at the Gilwell Reunion. I’m with a bunch of 50 odd people camping round a recreation of Chesters Grill- a Thai cafe chain who had branches in the IST area of the Jamboree site.

I have to come up with a costume for Saturday Night. The theme is 60s, 70s and 80s which should give me some scope. However I’m not much cop at fancy dress. What I have done is picked up a cheap suit which I’m going to spray silver and hope to find a joke shop to sell me a 70s style afro wig. Not prize winning exactly but making an effort.


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