It’s been an odd weekend, spent mostly at home, or at least close by. How weird is that staying at home of a weekend?

Anyway, Saturday I did baking including a shortbread round, ginger biscuits and making the marmalade set. I think the marmalade is now overdone and does not taste as nice as it did in its runny form. All this seemed to take all day- no idea why.

Sunday was the Crosshills show- a very friendly one. Nicola entered nearly everything except for the Flour and Vegetable classes. I entered novice potatoes, Shortbread, ginger biscuits, marmalade, soft toy, and photography and came first in potatoes (out of 1) second in Soft Toys (out of many, beating Nicola) and third in Shortbread (out of 6 or 7).

Nicola got lots of prizes and in terms of points came joint top in home craft. The other woman got the trophy as the tie breaker is then on number of first places.

In the evening Nicola was working at Pudsey so I went to have tea with Mum & Dad and Anna, Darren and Emily. Emily can now say Teddy (a word meaning soft toy or cat) and gets very excited when she has one to play with. She can now walk the length of the room on her walker, which plays music while she walks.


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