Today Nicola and I have been attending the baptism of my niece Emily, over at St John’s Dukinfield. It was a joint service and party, with the child of Anna and Darren’s friend. Tim the vicar was his usual self and dressed up for the occasion in his best shirt.

Tim is someone who is not afraid to laugh and joke in Church, but is also someone who can get deeper and more serious than other vicars. For the lesson we had an introduction from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This was the scene with the bridge of doom and the three questions, and the beginning of the lesson was getting to heaven is not just a question of learning the right answers to the right questions. No that wasn’t the lesson but the introduction.

Then it was over to Romily Forum for a buffet meal. The management of the forum has been taken over by NKTheatre arts (Formerly Northern Kids Theatre Company), which Darren and Anna are involved with, and Darren and Lee are licensees of the bar. We left just before 3 as Nicola is working the bar at Pudsey Leisure centre tonight.


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