A long day

The Explorer team did really well. Although some members retired at Lofthouse due to injuries the rest of the team went on to attempt to reach the presentation venue at West Tanfield. Unfortunately this was not to be, they were far too tired and had to be picked up and minibussed to the finish. As they are now older they were eligible for the male 14-19 trophy, for which there was a lot stiffer competition. So no award for Headingley Explorer Scouts this year.

The two 19th North Leeds (St Chad’s) Scouts teams won their classes, but they were the only entrants. This is damning by faint praise. I think the St Chad’s teams could have done with some competition; although their classes by default, the ten kids had put in such a good performance that given the same amount of competition the Explorers had they would still have easily won.

My job was to assist with the time keeping at Checkpoint 1, which we had down to a fine art, me signing the cards, another leader filling in the logs, a third the radio communications, and a fourth as a runner. I am getting to know so many people from Scouting locally, but my memory for names isn’t good.

Annother good event, I need to encourage more people to participate next year.

I managed to get the parents of two of my explorers to take the rest home (actually they offered and I accepted). So there was only me and James (from 19th North Leeds Scouts and SAGGA) to get home. It had been a long day and was not a pleasant journey. James and I discussed SSAGO-SAGGA relations which was probably not a good idea given how tired we were.

I got in finally at 10pm. Nicola wanted me to put her QSA project on disk, so she could edit it at her parents; however I was so tired it took me 15 minutes to operate the computer properly. Hopefully she should have her Queen’s Scout Award signed off by the end of the week.

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