Boris Johnson

This man is one who inspires confidence. Not in himself, but in you.

I caught him on Parky on Saturday night, while Nicola was out at work. If you missed it he was on with Ricky Tomlinson (whose autobiography has just been published and is being serialised on Radio 4) and Sean Connery, star of the League of extraordinary Gentlemen. More about that later.

I can only say that after If Boris Johnson, buffoon that he is can be an MP and editor of a prominent magazine, there’s hope for us all. The people of Henley would probably have voted for a dog if someone stuck a blue rosette on it. Mind you conversely it could just prove my theory that it’s not how good you are at the job, but how confident you are in the interview. When will personnel officers learn that confidence is in inverse proportion to skill and integrity?

Having said all that I am beginning to see what all his fans like about him.


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