Foetus with three parents created

So says the BBC. Pro-life groups are reportedly up in arms, which to me lends to the lie of the pro life.

To summerise the article, scientists in China have used donated eggs from woman, removed the nucleus and replaced it with the nucleus from the eggs of a woman with fertility difficulties. These eggs are then used in an otherwise normal IVF treatment. This is a course of action outlawed in the UK and USA.

As I understand it, this technique leeds to a child which is genetically the child of its parents, rather than its father and the woman who donated the egg as in the usual case of children born of egg donation. In fact I would go as far to say the headline more accurately describes children born of normal egg doantion than by this technique.

The article goes on to say:

“The potential for abuse of this type of technique could be mind-blowing,” a spokesman for pro-life group Life said.

Perhaps it’s not immediately obvious to me, as someone who isn’t a bible-bashing pro-lifer, but I can’t see how this technique is a radical step onwards from existing fertility treatments. Maybe the spokesman was thinking scientists could learn things from using this technique that could enable them to make advances in other baaaadd areas. In other words it’s better not to have beneficial knowledge if that leads to things that offend our supestitions.

You can tell I’m not a pro-lifer can’t you?


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