Private Health?

Recently it appears that some parties are looking to solve the problems of the NHS by encouraging more people to go private. With my experiences of private health insurance I can only see this leading to hefty bills to people who’d thought they’d already paid for treatment through their premiums and through their taxes.

I have private medical insurance through work, and a number of times tried to get them to honour their contracted responsibility for my health and wellbeing. With all their exclusions and get-out clauses I have failed ever to get back any of the money my company has put in. My personal assessment of Axa PPP Healthcare is that time and time again, PPP have used what are in my opinion disingenuous rules to wriggle out of anything like a decent level of cover.

Now I know that you often feel some loyalty to the hand that feeds you; having some knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes and the mitigating circumstances to any perceived lapse of service makes you feel a little defensive when faced with criticism. I used to work for British Gas at the time government directives that were supposed to facilitate competition were decimating the quality of service. “Thank goodness for competition,” said an un-clued Watchdog presenter, unaware that it was the cause not the cure of the problem. So I know all about employee loyalty, and ill informed complaint. However whenever I question the quality of PPP’s customer service, the arrogance and abuse I recive from their customer service department goes well beyond normal emotional ties to the employer into the realms of unprofessionalism.

I would heartily recommend that if you are considering private health cover, you think twice. The number of hoops you have to jump through to receive treatment. These hoops involve quite a bit of NHS time, so any benefit to “the taxpayer” is quickly wiped out. Maybe someone can try and persuade me not all private medical care is as dishonest as PPP is in my personal opinion.

Sure put some money aside, pay for yourself and allow those less well off to make better use of NHS resources, however in my opinion healthcare insurance in this country is a waste of money.


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