Chtistmas time…

Well we now know that the all important Christmas number one is the cover version of Tears for Fears “Mad World”. I feel old (again). There is jubiliation in some quarters, perhaps because it keeps spoof stadium rock band The Darkness out of that slot. First time I heard it, I thought “Interesting: Tears for Fears unplugged, this was a really good song.” But now I’m just nostalgic for the orginal. It possibly works on the Donnie Darko soundtrack, but not for me standing on its own two feet.

This is not to say I prefer the alternatives. The Pop Idols’ luke warm reheat of the John Lennon classic deserved not to get to number 1, and two novelty records don’t either. While I enjoy being reminded of Queen, a cheep knock-off doesn’t deserve it either.

I feel like I should be grumbling about how it was better in my day, but you’d only taunt me with Kylie and Jason.


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