Jenny Tonge

On the one hand what Jenny said was largely speaking indefensible. The words were badly chosen and can be misinterpreted as giving support to suicide bombers. Of course it’s easy for someone to criticise with 20/20 hindsight but the media treatment of Cherie Booth over similar comments last year should have taught Jenny to be more circumspect.

On the other hand this seems to me to be yet another case of the media paraphrasing a comment out of existence. The media reaction is as out of proportion on this, as it was over the original Cherie Booth comments.

This does show how much of a lie the claims our media are anti-Isreali. Had Jenny been seen to be giving a similar or even marginally greater level of sympathy for Israel’s soldiers, no one would have batted an eyelid. The Israeli army are supposed to be a legitimate fighting force, yet behave worse than the terrorists they face.


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