Understanding and enjoying Doctor Who – a lesson for non-fans.

Some facts dredged up by fans of the classic series of Doctor Who for your enjoyment.

2 – While watching any story whose title contains the phrase “Of The Daleks”, it is customary to express surprise at the episode one cliffhanger arrival of a Dalek.

3 – Contrary to popular belief, Tom Baker stayed on for seven years because BBC Contracts transposed his telephone number with his salary.

7 – The plot ideas of Charged Vacuum Emboitments, N-Space and E-Space were in fact stolen by Script Editor Christopher Bidmead from Christopher Biggins during a drunken encounter in 1980. In revenge, Biggins often ad libs about ‘recursive occlusion’ and ‘chronic hysteresis’ in his role as Mother Goose during panto season.

8- Doctor Who was not above tackling big topics of social and political importance – pollution and ecological disaster in The Green Death, Thatcherite persecution of gays under Clause 28 in The Happiness Patrol, the assassination of John F. Kennedy in The Deadly Assassin and the ideological conflicts of the Mensheviks with the Bolsheviks complicit with the dismantling of the Russian Imperial caste system in The Sea Devils.

11 – With the advent of cost-effective CGI, any new series of Who can be filmed entirely against blue-screen in the studio with the gravel pit dropped in digitally during post-production.

12 – The BBC are reported to be planning to cast the next incarnation of the Doctor during a six-month public-vote elimination show, Who Idol.

13 – For the 1998 Xmas edition of Auntie’s Bloomers, they screened all four episodes of Doctor Who story, Image of the Fendhal.

14 – Many stories feature Hitchcock-style cameo appearances by production staff. These scarcely-noticed and barely-distracting novelties include the Producer in Silver Nemesis and Arc Of Infinity; almost everyone behind the scenes in The Brain of Morbius and Sylvester McCoy from 1987 to the end of the regular series in 1989.

So… now you know.

(Courtesey of Henry Potts).

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