Campfire songs

Peter Black has recently discovered the delights of “The Fast Food Song.” Which is as good an excuse as any.

The core of “The Fast Food Song” is an old campfire song usually referred to as “A Pizza Hut.” I never did find out if The Fast-food rockers claimed to have written it, or if they honestly credited the writing as “Traditional”, or “Scout and Guide Associations”.

I don’t think he’d approve of some of the other verses:

“A little chef, a happy eater, and a little Chef.”

And the absolute killer:

“A fat Girl Guide, a skinny little brownie and a fat girl guide, the leaders…” preaching both inevitability of getting old and fat, and taunting some with a poor self image. Not the most PC of songs, but nonetheless a favourite at campfires for Scouts and Guides alike.

On GaSCiT last summer it was remarked at how Guides sing about nice things, but Scouts (even the girls) like to sing about violence and death. “He jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute” being a particular favourite, along with songs about bumblebee tortuture, zombes and all those horrible things that happen to Nobby Hall.


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