The second is the Scout Association who are currently looking to get rid of all but 3 of the 17 or so sites centrally owned. The sites may be sold to the Scout Counties who currently manage them, or closed and sold for housing.

The Scout and Guide movement is an undervalued resource in our society and because of this our numbers are declining, especially at the adult volunteer level. Even if the HQ sites are closed rather than passed on to local Scouting, there will still be a number of Scout sites availaible, and it will not limit the opportunities for traditional “Green field” camping.

The problem is everyone has their own favourite site, and many are understandably very upset at the thought of theirs being unavailable for use in the future. So naturally HQ’s moves are seen as insensitive to the wishes of the Association as a whole. And perhaps they are. However I feel consolidation of resources is probably what is needed at the current moment in time.

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