The weekend just gone…

… can easily be summed up as a weekend of “Quality Time”.

Saturday Nicola had work on so after going to the Kirkstall Guide Depot to pick up some badges for her, I picked up some wet washing and went trundling over to Manchester to see my parents. Had a nice day talking to my Dad and Mum. Dad talked to me about my various trials with work and about the benefit so seeing the specialist, now PPP have hung me out to dry with all future consultations coming out of my own pocket.

Yesterday was spent entirely with Nicola, we watched TV in her room until midday, did some articles for various newsletters, then had lunch. Unfortunately Nicola then chose to slice her finger open on the bread knife, meaning a drive out to the minor injuries unit at Wharfedale Hospital in Otley. 15 minutes wait was obviously meant for the relatives as we were out again soon after we had arrived. But it did mean more time together as I took her to work late, and picked her up early.

Tea was toad in the hole, a new experience as previously I have never cooked this myself. I made the onion gravy a bit too beery for Nicola’s taste (I’d omitted the sugar and stock), but everything else went well.

Nicola is away most of this week; tomorrow she is in London picking up her Gold DofE, and after coming back for Guides she will be going back to Birmingham to pick up another load of bits and bobs to store in the loft.


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