Minor heart failure

For a brief moment yesterday there was suppressed panic. On rebooting my main PC with all its Explorer and SAGGA, and general email content, I was presented with an error message- the PC could not find it’s boot device.

Arrgh my hard disk is fried, I have no way of restoring it and I don’t know where my last backup CD went! Luckily leaving the machine be for a few hours, checking the connections to the disk drive and motherboard, and then trying again found a PC back to full working order.


Find of the weekend is that BBC7 now has a listen again feature. Which is good as the 7th dimention is either on too early or late, and I keep missing the stuff I want to listen to. Been listening to the last episode of “Guards Guards” (not available on BBC audio as far as I can tell) and the begining of “Wyrd Sisters”, two very different Terry Pratchett adaptations.

Must pop out and deliver those final few copies of the “Chapel Allerton Leader”.


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