New Car Chosen

So it’s settled, within the next 10 days I will become the proud owner of a shiny 51 reg Mazda Premacy, with all the features. While a little excited I am a little trepidatious for the following reasons:

* I’m changing car because I have to, not because I really want to.

* It’s the most expensive car I’ve ever bought.

* It’s the biggest car I’ve ever owned.

* I’m spending more than half my life (OK last 5 years) savings rather than take out a loan.

We plumped for the Premacy as we needed a bigger car to contrast with the Fiat (so as we only need one vehicle when we have lots of stuff) and because we want to try to keep this one for five years or more. It rates highly on customer satisfation and reliability so hopefully I should have more luck mechanically with it. Only thing not taken care of is the potential for bumps and scrapes our everyday lives presents which resulted in the low valuation of my old Rover 200.


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