Otley Show

Today was the Otley Show and as last year Nicola had entered all the classes she could. Of course given that the entry was in weeks before the show this meant that some of her entries (particularly her embroidery and pin cushion) were little more than token efforts.

Nic’s parents came to join us as mine were away at the caravan, they arrived about lunch time and left from our house about 7pm.

Competition was greater than normal in all but a few categories. I entered cross-stitch, tapestry, soft craft(a soft toy bunny rabbit), men’s only victoria sponge, men’s only bran loaf, and marmalade. My Bran loaf came second out of about six. Nicola got first for her paté and lots of seconds and thirds including a second for her main floral arrangement, and a third for her gent’s buttonhole.

After we got home and unloaded the car, we had the misfortune to be shot at by an air rifle. The pelet damaged one of the guides’ pans which was sat in the dining/shed area of the kitchen just feet from where Tony and Pam were standing. A second shot hit the outside wall, and others were heard. The police were called but could do nothing except log a crime report for criminal damage (to the wall and bucket).

Then with everyone gone we settled down to test the nation. We did well, getting within 1 point of each other, but didn’t reach the high scores we can usually do in exam conditions (i.e. without Anne Robinson rabiting on during the test).


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