Democracy and getting away from it all.

Today in Leeds (so I am assured anyway) the ballot papers will be delivered by special post to thousands of voters across the city. Just how many get returned unspoiled remains to be seen, the government hopes more than would get returned through the old fashioned ballot box. Even so looking at the parties entered, people have more choice than ever. In Leeds there are 9 parties standing plus independents, though apart from the main two and the Conservatives not all parties are contesting every ward.

I hope that not too many are taken in by the dribbling paranoid loonies or the racist party, even as a protest. It disturbs me that anyone sees either of their two parties as talking any sort of sense, especially seeing the sort of psychotic ranting the candidates of the former get up to on election nights.

Apologies to anyone who has been briefly tempted by the rhetoric of the paranoid party, but having met some of their candidates in Leeds and knowledge of the conduct of their candidates in North Birmingham seeing people doing other than dismiss them for the nutcases they are is a little disquieting. But then Robert Kilroy Silk being both attracted to them and seen by them as an acceptable candidate should ring warning bells in anyone’s brain. With the other lot, no explanation for my disdain should be at all necessary.

Nicola as a council worker is making some money out of the postal ballot, having three days of work opening and sorting envelopes. Which is her only day of work next week as the rest of the time will be spent on Scout Camp with St Chad’s and Headingley Explorers.

I’ll be going too, to Scout camp but just for the two weekends.


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