Friday came, I got my car back of Nicola and headed back to camp. Was a stressful time as I’d been out of it all week, and things had happened that I’d been oblivious to, having been at work.

Tea was kebabs, with fried rice, cooked on a communal barbecue. Then James led a storming campfire, the fire itself built and maintained by A & B of Headingley Explorers.

The next day it was time to back up, which was stressful, particularly as D’s idea of getting things organized was to leave borrowed kit till last, and mooch around till he cracked and started shouting.

I’m not sure how he’s going to get himself a Nights Away permit, based on this week’s evidence.

Then after clearing off back and putting the stores away Nicola and I went home and spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday morning doing very little. I don’t feel too guilty as I’d mowed the lawn; Nicola knowing me well had cajoled me into doing something in the garden as I would feel dreadful if the weekend passed doing nothing at all.


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