The weekend was spent on the Crew of Bramhope Scout Camp‘s 70th Anniversary event. 140 Cubs and Scouts turned up along with a handful of Explorers on crew and in associated units.

It’s been 10 years since my first visit to Bramhope, yet there are still corners of the site I am unfamiliar with. I now know the field to the North of the site is called “Field 93”, but am not clear as to why. I also now know where the assault course and climbing tower are; Nicola spent most of Saturday helping to supervise climbing, and gaining some experience in supervising and belaying on a climbing wall, with a view to becoming authorized.

My main activity on the Saturday was spent supervising the assault course, the times for cubs to complete and I had to re-jig the score sheet. Unfortunately I had not understood the scoring conventions for the event, but managed to fix things when we got the event “passports” back.

Sunday morning I stayed in bed til 8:45, perhaps I was already suffering from the pollen and outdoors. I wasn’t involved too greatly in the morning activities, but helped where I could. In the afternoon I had to referee two 20-a-side football matches, not an easy task without a whistle- maybe I should buy myself one.

I ended up a little bit sunburnt having failed to apply any suncream during the day.

Today I am feeling a bit under the weather, my eyes are sore and my nose feels like I’ve been underwater. All that fresh air and outdoor living can’t have been good for me!

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