Yesterday we spent at another of Nicola’s second cousin’s weddings, which was a nice do. They were married at Sulgrave Manor home to George Washington’s ancestors, and the marriage was blessed at Dodford parish church, before a reception in a marquee next to the Village Hall.

On the way back we visited Claire, Phil and baby Alex in Loughbourgh, a flying visit as Nicola was out with the climbing team at Bramhope this afternoon. I planned on doing some gardening, but slept instead.

At the moment I’m watching TV, Nicola is out bowling with the climbing lot, and has suggested I go to the cinema to see Harry Potter as she does not want to see it at the cinema herself. However I don’t want to go out on my own on a Saturday. I’ll probably get to see it next week to decide between those who say it’s good because it’s scary and takes the central ideas, while cutting out the author, and those who says it throws out too much of the book and is no fun.


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