I’ve seen it

Went out last night to see Harry Potter, while Nicola is away in Birmingham. I thought it was great, Curaon has taken the essence of the story and built a film around it, rather than simply chopping and splicing the novel as seemed to be done in the previous books.

I liked the reinterpretation of Hogwarts architechture and grounds, especially the bridge. Harry’s friends are given more presence, or at least are name checked.

I did have a couple of problems with the film. Michael Gambon was a dissapointment as Dumbledore, he looked great but he seemed to be doing an impression of Richard Harris. Which would have been fine had Richard Harris played Dumbledore as himself. That said I never liked Harris’s performance anyway, perhaps I have been spoiled by Stephen Fry’s excellent readings on tape. Another quibble was that the structure of the scene introducing the Boggart had been changed from the book, but the follow-up dialgoue between Lupin and Harry hadn’t been changed to reflect that.


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