A quiet weekend

Well Nicola only had climbing on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, so I have spent most of the weekend at home, washing up, doing ironing and listening to BBC7 and Radio 4.

Yesterday we managed to lie in most of the morning before having fajitas for lunch. We used steak, peppers, onions, and Jamaican Jerk seasoning (a good substitute for the Mexican powder you get in the kits). When Nicola returned from climbing, we got dressed up and went out for a meal at the 2828 Chinese Buffet, a place we went to quite a bit when we were first going out. Then it was home for a quiet evening in front of the TV with a jigsaw.

This morning was Church Parade at St Stephens. As the cubs were at Wike on District Cub Camp, I was the only one in Scout Uniform there, just outnumbered by the Guides. And then we were back in time for a roast pork lunch, with enough meet left on the bone for two or three more meals. The afternoon was spent watching the British Grand Prix, while completing the jigsaw. I also watched Formula Woman, which seemed to be about women racing about in (and occasionally wrecking) sporty Mazdas. I wonder if Wendy approves.

This evening I have been sorting through my clothes and discovered my missing Short sleeved scout shirt. This can now be archived as a memento of the 2003 World Scout Jamboree, enabling me to remove the outdated badge from the other one which is everyday uniform.

Nicola has decided she doesn’t want to enter the Arthington Show again this year, which means she won’t be spending all week baking and doing crafts. Which is just as well, next week looks busy anyway. Ditrict Explorer Meeting Monday, Bookcrossing Meetup Tuesday, Guides at Bramhope Wednesday, and possibly getting ready to jet off to Denver on Thursday or Friday.


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