Water Weekend

A relaxed weekend spent with friends from a good crossection of SAGGA members, some children of SAGGA members, plus one or two GaSCiT staff. We had a fair few boats out including a GP14, a couple of Picos, a Lark, Granville’s Firefly and Claire’s Mirror-Mirracle. Oh and Jessica the large cabined sailing dinghy. We also had a few canoes out and Claire W and Charlotte P had a go at honing their windsurfing skills.

Saturday was overcast, so we started late, but I got to go out twice, once in the Mirracle, and once in a Pico. The sun came out later so everyone ventured outside to read and watch the children and the boats.

In the evening it was improvised barbeque time as the old fixed barbeque had been taken out with the hut. Then a campfire around which there was chat and gossip about life and the state of the Associations.

The next day was wet, but I managed to get out and canoe for about an hour. Most people stayed inside and talked. Lunch was a lamb casserole, and then it was time for everyone to go out in the drizzle to bring the boats in.

So a nice social weekend with some boats. Well done to Gill and Roger for organising, I will be back next year.


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