TV & Politics

Coverage of the Democratic Party Convention has been virtually wall-to-wall over here in the past few days. All aspects of the convention seem to be covered, including a small piece on CNN about the blog media’s role in the event. CNN also covered the occasional piece on the Republicans proving they can be sycophantic to everyone in US politics, no matter what the party.

At 8:30pm last night, prime time for American TV, the major event for 5 of the main TV channels was Vice Presidential candidate nominee John Edwards’ speech. It’s hard to imagine a conference speech from Charles Kennedy or Michael Howard getting so much attention even, let alone their assistants or at primetime. As expected for such a speech it was pretty broad brush, a rousing speech heavy on emotion, light on policy. But there was enough in there for people to disagree, some think it was a good speech, some felt it was tough on the war, some felt it laid out the gifts that the Americans can expect from the Kerry administration should they vote for it.

But, lightweight that I am, I watched for 2 minutes, then turned over to WB and watched Smallville.

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