Day of miscellany

Managed to finish work reasonably early last night (7pm!?!) and headed out to find another branch of CB & Potts a pub chain with good food and a micro-brewery attached to every one. Unfortunately the pub we found was too crowded and too similar to the Greenwood Village location. We didn’t stay out late- as I wasn’t designated driver I could have had a second beer, but I passed on it given we had an earlyish start today.

After returning back to the hotel, watched an episode of the Simpsons (Funniest line- “Because that’s the kind of guy I am – this week.”) and finished off Life of Pi. Not sure what I made of it. Most people said Life of Pi was “Really Good”, while one SAGGA member said it was odd, and the ending left her a bit confused and disappointed. My response is somewhere in between, I may write a review some time.

I appear to be the second top blog in the google search for “Lib Dem Blog”, after Richard Allan. If you’ve already visited Richard I’d visit Nick Barlow if that’s what you’re looking for, he’s much better than me. If that wasn’t what you’re looking for try him, he doesn’t just talk politics.

Talking of blogs, have a few more added under the “Other blogs I follow” category. While there seems to be activity from time to time on all the SAGGA blogs, I think I need to tidy up my list of Lib Dems, because some have stopped blogging, and I’m sure there are others that I would find of interest. Any recommendations for links, use either of the comments boxes.


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