VeryVeryBored Vs the Jehovas Witnesses

J&D: “I see that you have got a child. Don’t you think that the world is more dangerous for them now. I bet you wouldn’t want your child playing out in the street when he is older?”

VVB: “Well, he is likely to get run-over by someone in a Chelsea Tractor as they take their children to school in the mistaken belief that it is too dangerous to let them walk. Mind you, they probably can’t walk because the parents have exercised “Choice” and sent then to a school 100 miles away”

J&D: “But what about all those paedophiles?”

VVB: “Funny how stories about paedophiles always get in the news in the month of August when nothing else ever happens isn’t it? It makes good copy in the absence of any other news. It is an appalling crime, but I doubt that there is any more of it about than before”



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