Wrapping up, packing up.

Last day of work today until September vitually, and assuming no internet access at camp, probably my last ‘blog entry. Virtually no loose ends to tidy up at work, and a few “Thank You” leaflets to deliver at home before I set off to Rhydd Covert tomorrow.

Now my Kinja account has settled down it is proving useful in sharpening up my weblog reading. I’ve caught one or two articles I would have missed with more random surfing. One article I must highlight is this one from Amy about the Mersey supertram debacle. A well informed and interesting read, if a touch polemical. Other bloggers have been taunting me with their fitness reigmes.

Well spending every other day working on SAGGA camp may get me fitter. I will be of course offsetting this clean living by drinking some small quantities of beer. Unlike this bear which drank a large quantity of beer.

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