A good weekend.

Has a good weekend, all things considered. Apologies to those who expected some live broadcasts from Gilwell, but I was far too busy to sit down at a computer. Possibly just as well.

On Friday turned up and pitched my Jamboree tent for the first time since I’d taken it down in Thailand. Needless to say it was very dusty and I quickly had to change my trousers. Spent some time in the bar where I met up with some Random IST people and James.

On Saturday did a couple of seminars, one on a scheme called connect youth for organizing exchange visits between young people, the other being module 19 of the Scout leader training scheme. 3 down, 15 to go. Also visited lots of international fellowships with a view to finding opportunities for overseas travel for both myself and North Leeds Explorers. In the evening I skipped the campfire, then visited the bar where I saw various people I knew. Apparently there was no karaoke this year, but did not attempt to verify this.

Sunday morning I volunteered to help GAPP with their activities, and moved lots of tables and chairs before helping run an exercised based round a balloon debate. Then I changed into my uniform for the Scouts own, and the investiture of Peter Duncan as chief Scout. George Purdy the outgoing Chief was great, and was re-invested back into his old Scout Group as Assistant Group Scout Leader. Peter was less natural with it, but his role will be different to George’s and he is after all very new to it all.

Things ran on longer than I anticipated, and I ended up leaving site at 4pm, getting to my parents at 8:30 owing to an accident on the M6, and some poor lane discipline coupled with generalized nervousness at the high level of traffic for a Sunday.

My parents asked me questions about what I’m going to be doing about finding somewhere else to live, but I’ve been thinking very little about all that and really need to take my time.

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