A Day at the Races

A fun weekend spent mostly with Birmingham SAGGA. Yesterday I cleared out the bulk of my remaining stuff from Nicola’s leaving me with a few bare essentials. Clothes, food, a PC…

After eating at my parents it was off to Andy & Het‘s in Tutbury for supper (pizza) and a DVD (Mystic River). I was introduced to their tilting chair mechanism, and fell asleap until just before the denouement.

This morning after a lazy start and breakfast, we headed off to Utoxeter race course. 14 of us in total all arriving in different car parks, and using the wonder of the mobile phone to get together at the entrance. (For those that know who I’m talking about they were: Me, Andy & Het, Wendy, Mad & Rob, Hugh and Jo, Sally Jon and the children, Lizzie and Dan.)

I did OK on the first few races, with a place, a win, a loss, and another place, putting me at having won about as much as I had lost on the betting. Then all my horses in the final two races lost, leaving me going home out of pocket.
Some of us came close to breaking even, and one (Hugh) even made his entrance fee back. All in all it proved betting on the horses isn’t a very easy way of making a living, but a fun pastime nonetheless.

The Countryside Alliance were present with their misleading “59% support hunting” posters, sticking stickers on children, attempting to collect new members, and equally dishonestly collecting money on the pretext it was being used to protect “country sports like horse racing”. I was tempted to say something, but as usual I didn’t.

Still they weren’t so prominent as to spoil things, and I left looking forward to November’s Birmingham SAGGA event. All in all a good weekend.


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