A day out

Did my bit for democracy today helping Jody’s campaign in Hartlepool. Picked up a student from York who’d accepted my offer of a lift and ended up there about 10 am.

Work involved posting letters to Hartlepool residents in various parts of the cities. After Lunch went and paid in some money to the bank, and drove past Fathers 4 Justice who were holding a protest outside the Labour Party HQ. Their candidate, Paul Watson, spotted us (I had Jody Dunn Diamonds stuck in the back windows of my car) and yelled “D******ds”. I thought, “That’s rich coming from someone dressed up as ‘The Joker'”

On our travels we also came across Respect, UKIP and the Conservatives. We obvserved that Tory activists appear to need to hunt in large packs. We also came across some houses with awkward names, and tricky letterboxes. Some areas of Hartlepool looked like nice places to live, but Hartlepool to Steeton is a bit far to commute.


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