Listening to the Today Programme this morning put in my mind a number of subjects to blog about. Unfortunately I was distracted and they’ve flown right out of my head.

One item on the programme was a piece on the English national Opera‘s new production of Don Giovanni, and how in order to keep it as “real” and as close in spirit as possible to the original, this English language version features scenes of sex, violence, and course language that have attracted the criticism of some opera goers. The coductor, speaking for the ENO, said it was what the piece is about, the person speaking against said it was all unnecessary sensationalism, it wasn’t provocative it was unpleasant and we’d seen it all before.

What distracted me was the name of the commentator speaking against the opera. He was introduced as “Oliver Kamm” of the Times. Anyway I spent some of the rest of my journey thinking it can’t have been this Oliver Kamm. The blogger who now writes for the Times and has an irrational phobia of Liberal Democrats everywhere?

Maybe it was.


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