Well… it is later now.

It was a good weekend. The main product will probably be a workbook to make the Scout Forrester’s badge easier to administer, along with some nature activities for Cubs, Beavers and Brownies. I don’t think I had much to contribute, but a weekend spent with friends is usually a positive experience.

Today visited a property, which I am now looking to rent. Only problem is it was very nice and two other parties were there to see it. So I have filled the application form in and will be camped on the doorstep of the letting agents first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I should be moving in soon.

When I arrived home Anna and Emily were visiting us. “Simon” yelled Emily as I entered the front room. I was immediately required to sit down and read.

Later I asked Emily what she’d had for tea, and was told chicken, I then asked her what noise chickens make, which Anna told me was a terrible faux pas. I’ll have to be more careful as my niece gets older, but perhaps with an Uncle like me she won’t grow up to be a faddy eater.


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