The application is in with the letting agents so in the next few days, fingers crossed I should be returning to next week to pay the deposit and arrange a date to pick up the keys to my new home. Just a little nervous about whether I’m going to get it or miss out to someone else, but hopefully soon I should be getting on with my life.

Called in to Nicola’s on Wednesday to pick up some things up. Could only call in on the way to Explorers, so she wasn’t there as she was at guides. It took a little longer that I expected and was a difficult experience- to say more would not be appropriate. Put the key through the letterbox once I’d locked up so that chapter is more or less over.

Went back to Explorers on Wednesday, but things were a little awqauard. They havn’t been communicating with me, however this is probably my fault as I seem to have accidentally unsubscribed myself from the email list. However I would like a little more respect as the person who set the whole thing up, and for the fact that I still may have some of the answers.

I’ve also started a new blogging project. I’m not going to say too much about it, because I’d rather my name not be linked with it as it is with this blog. That’s because there is a political (but not party political) element, and also because it’s a bit lightweight and childish. But it amuses me for now, and I hope will amuse others.

I worked late last night as I was having trouble getting somthing to work in lab conditions. Yes that’s a problem engineers have as well as scientists. My boss has a big idea about streamlining part of the testing process, and the work to Any way just as I got it to work, the cleaners told me they wanted to lock up, and I had to go. Just as well as it was getting late.

On the way home I listened to Radio 4. This was not a good time to listen as there was a documentary about care homes in Germany, which made me feel a little depressed.

I am, it has to be said, a sensitive person. I got this idea into my head on my way back that some people might have the wrong idea of my part in … recent events. Having been hurt is bad enough without people thinking I was a contributing factor.


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