Catching up

I collected my keys to my new house on Friday, and visited it on the way home from work.

Saturday was spent looking round the place in detail, buying various household essentials from various shops in Skipton, and cleaning up two armchairs we found in the cellar. I handed over my credit card to so many retailers, I hate to think what the balance will be when I next ring up and check it. I bought among other things, a bed, a mop and bucket, and two throws.

Saturday evening we had my niece Emily to stay. I appear to be Emily’s favourite relative at the moment, which is both sweet and daunting as I have no idea how I achieved this status.

Sunday we went out to B&Q to buy some stepladders and wallpaper. During the afternoon I helped my Dad attach some boards to the inside of the roof to keep the loft clean and free from falling dirt and cement chunks. In the evening we had a curry to celebrate my birthday, which is today. Tonight my mum is taking me to see Starlight Express in Manchester by way of a birthday treat.


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