Moved in

Spent my first night in Cross Hills last night. Had fun and games with the TV until I worked out the Keighley transmitter doesn’t transmit Channel 5 as an old fashioned analogue signal. I had not been looking forward to moving in, especially after the weekend.

Earlier this evening went to my old GP for a prescription. Given I was in the area I contacted Nicola to see if there was anything I needed to pick up, which may have been a mistake. Nicola said there was, and when I went round it was quite clear what the new situation was, and why the relationship had really finished. (I have no quarrel with Bungle as I figure he has done me a favour).

On the way home popped in to Sainsburys (as Morrisons was shut) to pick up a few essentials. Spent £20 and only got one meal out of it!

This morning I feel brighter about it all. I still need a wardrobe and to move in all my clothes, but the place feels like home. And I get an extra hour in bed of a morning.


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