Life, Love and Laundry

The title is probably not appropriate, but never mind.

My parents came over Thursday and brought my computer, and some boxes, and seemed to think I should be getting a move on with my settling in. I have empted several fruit boxes onto my shelves in the front room and put a stack of videos in the cupboard. But my mum indicated the remaining boxes in the front room, and said “you can’t live like this.” So yesterday I went through a couple of boxes of nick-nacks and paper and hauled most of the rest into the cellar. I have thrown away a curver box full of paper (including a rather paranoid hate letter from a girl I knew when I lived in Cambridge), and sorted out a bag full of letters with my name and address or account details on to shred.

The cellar is now getting full.

This morning I was supposed to be going to York to meet my parents, before meeting a friend over there for coffee. But my parents aren’t going now, so I have a day to rearrange.


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