Been spending a few days with my family in Manchester.

Came over Wednesday night, after work and a meal. Couldn’t find a few of the things I’d intended to pack, so will be going back tomorrow.

Thursday morning I spent getting my car through it’s first MOT. No problems, but it appears a little heavy on the front tyres. In the evening I helped my parents dress the house for Christmas. With my sister moving in they havn’t had much time, but even this late in the day my mum wanted to go the extra mile on everything.

On Christmas Eve I went to the pup where my old friends from Ventures usually meet up, and surprisingly a few of them were there. Most of us have moved on and were only in the area because our parents still live here. It seems unlikely that we will meet there in future years, as the Pig on the Wall is not what it once was. After that brief outing I joined my parents at St Johns for the late night service.

Christmas Day we all got up late, and packed the presents in the car before heading to my sisters for a change. It’s the first time my mum hasn’t cooked Christmas lunch since she got married. And of course the big surprise was we actually had a white Christmas.

Today has been a lazy day at home. Anna and Emily came round as Darren was working at the football. Have been watching some Doctor Who videos I picked up in Stockport while my car was being serviced.

Tomorrow I return home, and Tuesday I join some ex-BUSAG members in the lakes for a few days up to New Year. After that a few days spent at home before returning to work. And that will have been my Christmas.


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