The Boy from Khoa Lak

A lot of people have come on here searching the web for information on whether or not an email about a boy from Khao Lak who is missing his parents is a hoax or not. This is probably because a version of the email misspelled the word Khao in Khao Lak. My original post about it is here.

In short, the email you recieved probably wasn’t a hoax but DO NOT PASS THE EMAIL ON!! The little boy, Hannes Bergstroem, was reunited with his father at the end of December.

See this news story for details or search google news for more corroboration.

So many have visited for this information the word “Khoa” has become the third most popular search term for this site, according to the statistics. I just congratulate those people who have the presence of mind to check these things out, rather than mindlessly forwarding them on.


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