Busy Week

This is my first night in this week.

Sunday I was out putting letters in envelopes, then delivering in Ireland Wood, along with one of the leaders from another North Leeds Explorer unit. Was surprised to see someone from my other life, but it has happened before because I bumped into an IST member when out in Hartlepool last September.

Monday and Tuesday was two nights of district meetings, acting as the district 2007 agent. At the GSLs meeting the DC seemed to have more up-to-date info than me, so I felt a bit foolish, and the SLs weren’t enamoured of the “Sunrise Ceremony” plans. I plan to give the role up at the next opportunity as it’s a bit much to do living so far from the district.

Wednesday was Explorers which was interesting. We did a discussion, team building paper towers, paper fights and then what can only be described as chilling time.

Yesterday I went to see some friends Ed and Clr, and spent a lovely couple of hours having tea round their house.

So tonight I’m having a bit of a relax.


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