I have been bouyed up about Scouting since Monday. Finally last week I got my DESC who is my training adivisor to agree to meet me to work out my training plan. So on Monday I had a productive two hours after which I went away with four modules signed off as validated, two more trained for and awaiting validation, and applications for training courses in the next month and a half for 6 more modules. Leaving just 6 to either have training arranged or be validated without training.

But I came down with a bump last night. I recived an email Tuesday night (having been out Monday) asking for a cotribution to Chinese New Year night. I came up with a run around quiz about China, but unfortunately was delayed at work and arrived late. Then things (for me) went from bad to worse. Becuase I’d arrived late the quiz didn’t fit in with the way the evening had panned out, and didn’t work in the way I tried to fit it in. The rest of the evening (i.e. the bits I didn’t plan) went well though.

Got home to find I’d forgotten to set the video for The Prisoner, Distant Shores and Dead Man Weds. Didn’t matter too much about the last one as I arrived home just as it was starting. Excellently surreal comedy by Dave “Phoenix Nights” Spikey.

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