Last night on digital TV

Emotionally wounded by the death of his father, Hamish MacBeth, and the events four years previously at Hillsbourgh stadium, he snaps when confronted by a shop keeper who argues over 4p. He goes home shaves his head to fit the football hooligan stereotype, and kills the shopkeeper. He then goes on to kill the criminal psychologist on the case for what he says about him. The whole thing then becomes a revenge kick for Hillsborough and his fathers death.

The police team, headed by Doctor Who and Lilly Potter, initially dismiss Rubeus Hagrid, who then goes home to his wife, Rose Marie, and says how much he likes police work. Rubeus is rehired when it is found he is right about the shopkeepers killer.

Hagrid, Doctor Who, Lilly and other police officers go on a house to house enquiry with an e-fit of Hamish. When a policeman eventually calls on Hamish, Hamish takes the photos of the victims of his wall while the policeman’s back is turned then uses a letter from the hospital to his father to claim he lost his hair due to cancer.

Meanwhile Rose Marie moves out of Hagrid’s house taking their daughter with her.

While shopping in Asda, Doctor Who spots Hamish MacBeth and runs after him. Hamish lures Doctor Who back to his house and stabs him. Hagrid works out who has stabbed Doctor Who and where he his and he and Lilly drive across Manchester to find him dying in the street.

In later episodes the police replace Doctor Who with Jim Royle.


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