No rest

So… after a packed weekend what’s coming up?

Tonight I get to meet people locally, when I go to a meeting of Lib Dems in Skipton. Tomorrow is a night off, so I’ll be trying to have an early night. Perhaps I’ll watch Twisted Tales that I recorded last night due to that rubbish Shirley Ghostman bumping it out of its earlier slot.

On Wednesday it’ll be Explorers where James and Lesley are being presented with their woodbadges, and we’ll be planning a Youth Hostel weekend.

On Saturday it’s more Scout training, where I’m sitting Modules 5, 7 and 8. And on Sunday back to Hull again to help Jon Neal to ditch David Davis. Been meaning to go back there since January, especially since I left a notepad of mine behind. (SAGGA members need not comment on this last revelation.)


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