I’m not thinking what they’re thinking

Few of us can have failed to be irritated by the recent adverts for the Conservative party. Those that have either pay no attention to advertising posters (well done) or must have somthing wrong with them.

If you’ve tuned them out the posters consist of an inane statement or rhetorical question written in as if in someone’s hadwriting, followed by the strap line “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” Quite frankly it disturbs me that someone thinks the future of this country could lie in the hand of people who respond to such rubbish. They are the sort of lines that wouldn’t seem out of place coming from a stereotypical taxi driver. Shallow, predudiced and just plain wrong.

And it seems eminately lampoonable. Anders Hanson highlighted one very good example when they first started coming out, and more have cropped up since.


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