Do you know what year this is? (Part 2)

OK as part of the review of the sprawling web that is my finances I decided to open one of thosehigh interest regular savers account. I’m already a customer with the financial institution in question and it is the only such account that doesn’t make demands on where my salary is paid.

So I expected to go into the branch, identify myself and the fact I wanted to open one of these accounts, have them press the “open regular savers” button, hand over the cheque, and leave with the standing order form to give to my main bank.

How wrong I was. For a start they refused to set up my account there and then, saying I needed to book an appointment. In this day and age? So I went and set up my account over the phone with a chap at the call centre. I then had to verify myself in the branch. What a fuss. All to open an account that I knew I wanted because I’d taken the time to look into it properly beforehand.

Do these people not want my custom?


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