That was good.

I watched Doctor Who as I suppose it should be watched- with my family in Manchester. I will hvae to watch it again as I couldn’t hear half the dialog. My sister was worried about Emily having nightmares, but Darren reconed she wouldn’t reemember any of it.

It is Doctor Who stripped down to its bare essentials, all the technobable explainations and build up cut out and straight to the adventure. 8/10 but I’m sure future episodes will be better.

Of the other bloggers around and about I’ve only found comment from Neil. Will is busy and Nick has yet to be drawn back to his keyboard.

Hazel, who yesterday evening was getting more and more manic over the thought of new Doctor Who and the Tory party in crisis, no longer has a blog. If anyone wants to read a joke about the latter, go and read either Nick or Will’s blog.

Update Will and Nick have now had their say, and Nick’s say is quite a long and considered one too.


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