What a week

Saturday, Doctor Who returns along with the Nestene animated Autons, then on Tuesday it is revealled the episode was a smash hit in the ratings, with 10.5 million people watching at one point with Ant and Dec averaging 7.8.

Then on Today it was announced that the BBC had greenlighted another series for 2006, with a Christmas special for later this year.

However it’s a roller-coaster as I’ve just heard that the news is out that Christopher Eccleston has decided not to continue in the lead role for another year and the role will be recast yet again. Was it fears of being typecast, the absolutely hysterical media attention, the 84 hour weeks, or being faced with the reality of his likeness as 9 inch tall plastic action figure. Who can tell?

We shouldn’t grumble. From all accounts there are 12 excellent episodes yet to come to Saturday nights, and possibly a Christmas special. And next year 13 more with a brand new Doctor. It’s an interesting time to be a Doctor Who fan.


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