Back in Yorkshire

Back from a few days off, using up my unused holiday allowance from last year.

Thrusday night was spent in London in a pub with some Doctor Who fans. Having not been able to visit monthly for a few years, I found I knew hardly anyone there. Some people I did know plainly didn’t want to talk to me, but there you go. There were others there I recognised more than knew, including a couple of guys who wrote for the new series. One of them is a lovely guy, very talented, but seemed to be a bit overwhelemed by the interest of his fellow fans. As you would. On the whole I think I enjoyed catching up with the people I caught up with so it was worthwhile.

Friday I had free, so visited Watford to help out there for a few hours. Then up to Norfolk for the SAGGA AGM. It was nice to catch up with everyone, and I only had to put up with a few hours of meeting to do it.

On the way back I called in at Hesley Wood to pick up a brochure, and found that the site is not available for the weekend booked for the district explorer camp. But hey, we’ve only had it in the diary 12 months, and we decided on Hesley 3 months ago, so I’m really getting ahead of myself by going behind the person responsible’s back and trying to book myself.

At the SAGGA AGM it was remarked that I havn’t updated this page much recently, and was that because I’ve been away. Well yes and no. I have been busy, but also havn’t had much to say. Despite ocasional flashes of opinion, this blog stays firmly in the “I had egg and chips for tea” category. There were also one or two difficult conversations. Outside this blog I keep my two (three? four?) lives separate. When a good friend says “I’m bored of this general election.” I have nothing to say. Especially given her opinions on the alternatives offered to her sitting Labour MP, which seemed to me to be pretyty valid. I don’t know what I can say either, I’m more of a worker when it comes to… well anything for that matter. Another mentioned the fact that his Lib Dem MP was standing down, so they have a chance for a change. A third friend turns out to be the daughter of a Labour MP, and wished me happy campaigning whilst warning me off turning up where he’s standing.

I returned home, to find for once messages left on the answering machine. I don’t find a speeding ticket from when a camera flashed me a few weeks ago, so maybe it was a little sensitive.


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