"Gentlemen. If you could do what I can do, then you would do it too. But you can’t."

BBC4. As someone says it’s a channel which always has somthing on that’s worth watching. Unfortunately that doens’t mean it always has somthing on that I feel like watching.

Last night was an exception, however. I turned on the TV, and flicked through the channels until I chanced on a documentary by and about the McLibel two’s struggle in the courts against McDonalds. While I don’t agree 100% with their cause, they came across very well, and seemed quite admirable in their stand for free speech.

And then just as I was about to switch over, on came Marcus Brigstocke’s Late Edition, an enjoyable mix of talk show and satire.

Then just as I was about to switch off, on came a repeat of “Russell T. Davies: Unscripted”, which I’d missed on Monday due to making my tea, and thinking it was longer than it was. Russell, for those who don’t know, is the writer of the moment. He cut his teath on Childrens TV, working on “Why don’t you” before moving on to create “The Dark Season” and “Century Falls”. Via a string of acclaimed dramas for ITV and Channel 4, his latest projects are as key writer and executive producer on the new series of Doctor Who, and also as writer of the BBC3 miniseries Cassanova. Both of which I enjoyed. As I did the documentary. Russell comes across as an immensley likable chap, and is a talented writer, even if an odd bunch were queueing up to sing his praises.

When is “Century Falls” coming out on DVD?


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